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( Jan. 9th, 2007 01:53 pm)
>.< billie's car is being bad...damn-it
bank account not in the mood for this

good note? in a very good mood today, aside from car problems

bad is tear down christmas decorations which will inevitably end with me and billie yelling at each other cause's what we do. :)

worse note i am going 2 weeks with out any contact from [ profile] ninja_cats *le sniffle* at least she updated to let me know she was alive. That's what i get for making all those French Canadian jokes ~_^

stupid note...i have to have my deposit to the Park by Thur...damn ^^; looks like i'll have to either figure out how to get there realllly soon or just call and beg to see if it can be mailed two days late!
trying to get a hold of Fox Island still *grumble*
[ profile] julylorelei will ya try and get them to call ya? its 260 449 3180
and we got a sample of the square invit in the mail, I like it, not what i thought it'd look like though. we have 2 other samples coming
and billie is set on magnetic Save the Date cards -.-; so if ya do your mad googling to look for that, it'd be groovy

*hum hum*
food first, some quiet time with B, then cleaning...yes yes...that seems to be the way

I know your dreams
I know your cries
Each breath I've memorized
And I would do anything
To help you win your fight
But it's not enough to make you smile
It's never enough
But what more can I give

More than love
More than this
More than what's in these two hands
More than love


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