Proud Mary came over today(surprise!) and B was very pissy about this, at first
once Marbear landed though she seemed to have no problem with a little extra company

we sat around for almost 2 hours just shooting shit, taking showers and stuff
then we went to TGIF's
we had a gift card so we ended up paying 5 bucks for our meal ;p smart shoppers we are

I told B let's go look at wedding dresses
now I had 2 possible outcomes
either she'd get MORE depressed or be happy

oh thank God turned out well

actually SO well that a year ago she could barely fit into a size 24 wedding dress (she was almost into a 26)
she squeezed into a 16!!!!!!!
it was tight around her bust but it looked wonderful ^.^
i'm going to have a gorgeous bride, even with no make up and hair all a mussed she looked so damn pretty.
and it gave her self esteem a big boot up the ass


i got every single piece of clothing washed and put AWAY today
and worked out, yay there

the bad
B's car was 300 bucks sick...fuck

stupid whiney baby sucky wedding stress )

~Cuttin off the phone
Leave me the fuck alone
Tomorrow I'll be beggin' you to come home
Leave me alone I'm lonely
Alone I'm lonely~


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