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( Jan. 24th, 2007 06:56 pm)
so, yes
i bought the wedding dress today
I brought my very honest friend Proud Mary and it came down to 2 dress
1st option )

and then This dress
one i bought )

number 1 did more for my 'figure' but...i just couldn't stop smiling in the Last one...the one i picked out monday
the small delicate pearls along the upper breast area and at the bunches of the dress....just so me and the corset back lets me make it tigher or looser as I will need it (so if i gain 10 or lose 10 it'll still fit) i tried on a 12 in that last one and was able to be synched (sp?) up in it still and could still breath fine (but it didn't close all the way) ^.^ so they are ordering me a 18 and i'll have to get about....3 inches off the bottom but that is other alterations so not bad :)
i'm.....giggle fit tastic

i had a lady help me get in the dress and walked out in it and up on the pedistal
my dad was there and he just smiled and walked around me a few times and....then he hugged me and I almost cried
i guess he impressed the other women that were also shopping becuase their 'dads' never did stuff like that with them
even in his nasty dirty bears hat and ripped up red redneck work shirt, my dad made me feel like the luckiest and pretty daughter at that moment

He even put down the 1/2 downpayment for me ^^;;; i didn't know if he'd say yes and i didn't even beg, he just agreed
oh so...yay

so we went to Petco afterwards and talked about Goku da dog and weddign stuff for over a half an hour, bought dog food and a new toy for the mutt
then had dinner with mom
dad was all into helping me with ideas and such...i was so happy! get some long rp hours done along with crochet

New Project Mac Baby for [ profile] mac_lynn
is going as follows Read more... )


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