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( Jan. 30th, 2007 10:35 am)
well getting called in and staying up till 4am is kinda sucky
more sucky is waking up at 10am and having 3 voice messages on the machine calling you back in at 530am....but
i kinda slept through them
oh shit
i know i'm a xray tech when

1)getting peed on at 8am doesn’t phase me

2)I can take off and put on jewelry through latex gloves

3)I can drive a pt's cart and 2 ivs without hitting walls

4)I can tell women to spread their breasts because they are too big and not be looked at as a freak

5)i can tell a man to move his penis if its in my pelvic film and in my way and not get reported for sexual harassment(him hitting on me in return is a wild card)

6)I have been puked on within the last 30days at least 2times

7)I know what the diff gauge needles are and i know how to use them

8)I can use really big words with drunk people that mean absolutely nothing just so they leave me alone

9)I've been yelled at 5 times by 3 diff doctors in 8hrs for something that wasn't my fault nor can i fix.

10)I have the power to remember to shield or not shield a patient depending on if i think they should breed or not. (~_^)

11)I can ask people if they're pregnant without them taking as an insult to their weight.

12)6 out of 10 men will tell me that They are pregnant(side note to any men who happen to read this: please that’s a OLD joke we do NOT think its funny and we will determine how much radiation to use)

13)Stupidy+rudness+assholness+how drunk your ass is/usual radiation= How much i fry your ass...So be nice :D

14)I am proven everyday that I am smarter than the average doctor, and yes i do deserve a cookie...and a raise

15)I hear about something infectious before others do and I have probably been exposed to it more than I care too.

16)I hear myself say "Hold your breath" in my sleep.

17)I do know where the psych floor is and I will escort people up there just to fuck with their minds, because i'm bored

18)When I say i'm taking a xray and doctors think that their lab coats will protect them.(i deem this selective sterilization)

19)I can't spell words like conscious right most days, but i can spell out long reports about pnemothorax of the right apical lobe that is primary to the secondary pleural effusions

and 20)
I Do All My Best Work In The Dark


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