so last night working really was NOT bad
i think that is partly reason i did not write much, plus
I took the first step to writing dave up*sigh* i feel horrid for doing it and yet justified all at the same time. i hope next week when the big boss comes back it's not awkward.

i also should be leaving early so i can go to the mandatory safety thing *grumble* don' wanna though ...

i was up till around 4am due to call, got home around 1am, read some fictions, played a lil WoW (gods i'm rusty) and poked at the muse

stupid thing

matt (not mattY) can build computers and we were talking about it and i think i might have him build me one
the one i have actually fits my needs except for the RAM, which is getting eaten up quickly by both my WoW and multiple programs.
sadly this wont happen for months, but it's nice to have something lined up

OMG i'm cold today, nothing i do makes me feel warm :(

i think i'll go dress up like an adult and do adult type things
first thing i'm doing when i get into work is calling KW and making sure she's coming to relieve me ASAP
i have 4 hours of time and a half because of call last night so i shouldn't have to take any PTO hrm


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