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( May. 26th, 2007 07:15 pm)
this week needs to be 'over'

eye is about 60% back to normal
i think it will take another 2 days or so, and me doing the best not to rub it or get anything in it
but it's feeling better though the 'eye gunk' continues

I am at work, and I also work tomorrow

work has not been bad at all
just rather steady
and my stomach is upset due to icky food from cafeteria>.<

the worst thing today is x-raying dead 2 year old *sigh*
abuse case, broken wrist for sure, i couldn't tell about the jaw
dr said maybe knee

hope the bastards end up in jail

i think i handled it better than half the men down there, actually I was the only female in the room and they didn't seem to want to move her around *shrugs* so i did
lots of x-rays, about 7 total*nose wrinkle sigh*

Monday is bbq day :)will be big party around 12 glad it's at moms!

my friend Proud mary is pregnant, i have mixed feelings about this

hoping to go to flattop sunday or tuesday

and i must go back to work now, only 4 hours to go :)


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