First major *HUGS* to [ profile] dominant_zoe for

*HUGS* [ profile] ninja_cats
I'm SUCH the geek
my best friend's Brother called me today for FF advice *lower lip quibble* I feel so proud!

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He called me and I said, "I don't know... call Nette."
And Joel was like, "...that's going to be weird!" ;)

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i was like "Who The fuck?" when i first picked up the phone
then when he said "This is joel"
I let ah "OH!"
lol then the poor boy said "Cana's brother."
all i could say was 'Yeah, I know...."
i was sorta worried he was calling me to let me know something had happend to *YOU* at first
then my poor geeky heart broke in happiness being called for my ff knowlege....almost compares to my calls about crochet

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If something bad happened to me, you'd probably be getting a call from my mom, not one of my brothers.

I knew it'd probably throw you at first, but honestly, I didn't know who else to send him to ;)

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HAHAHAHA! LOVE this clip!

I totally agree with the bad translated friendship speech. 0=)

And with all the others funny comments they've made. XD


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